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House Prices In Telford

House Prices in Telford

This is the most up to date information we found on House Prices in Telford, taken from Rightmove the UK’s most trusted property portal…. We would love your opinion on it!

Properties in Telford had an overall average price of £186,666 over the last year.

House Prices In Telford
House Prices In Telford

The majority of sales in Telford during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £157,151. Detached properties sold for an average of £262,336, with terraced properties fetching £137,522.

Overall, sold prices in Telford over the last year were 4% up on the previous year and 10% up on the 2017 peak of £169,859.


At Sell My House Quickly Telford we have plenty of experience purchasing different types of property in the area, from smaller flats to larger commercial spaces, we’ve even be known to have an interest in purchasing land. Some of the projects we have personally taken on can be found here…Primal Property.

We personally feel as though there is going to be a considerable fall in property prices, not just in the Telford area but nationally! When the furlough payments stop and some people inevitably lose their jobs ,there will be a flood of properties to the market. Along with the fall in demand, these two factors will drive the average prices of houses in Telford and the UK spiralling down.

House Prices In Telford
House Prices In Telford

We however are currently still active in purchasing property in the Telford area, as the local stock tends to represent good value for money for our investors. We personally will not be slowing down our purchasing activity. 

If you are considering selling your property in Telford feel free to click here to fill in your details for a no obligation quote in 24 hours. We have the ability to offer full market value in some situations depending the property in question and on your requirements.